Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sign of the (digital) times

Yesterday I went to buy a new Ballarat street directory, as ours is well out of date. I was told they aren't being made any more: not enough people were buying them, thanks to Google and GPS-enabled devices. I still like to plan a trip to the other side of Ballarat the old-fashioned way, with an actual map. I certainly get a better overview of where I'm going than my phone can provide.


  1. Discovered the same earlier this year, at the newsagent at Stockland. The staff member said that many customers were mightily dismayed at the news, but the compiler/publisher wouldn't be moved, and persisted claiming that there was no market for a paper version any longer.

  2. And I found out this week that the RACV/VicRoads atlas of country Victoria is no longer being produced. We have used that a lot, and I wanted to update it too. Boo!