Thursday, November 12, 2015

Anita Traverso Gallery closing in Richmond

Anita Traverso is closing her physical space in Albert Street, Richmond, Melbourne, after ten years at this location. Anita and Irina intend to continue with an online presence at I have had a connection with Anita's gallery for some years, and it has greatly helped my professional development as an artist. Thank you, Anita and Irina!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Works in the Gippsland Print Award and the Banyule Works on Paper Award

I have a piece, View of the Nanocosm 2 (The Early Universe), in the 2015 Gippsland Print Award.

Opening: Friday 25th September 2015, 6 pm.

Exhibition: 26th September to 22nd November. Open seven days, Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm, Sat - Sun 12 noon - 4pm.

Location: Gippsland Art Gallery, 64-66 Foster Street Sale, VIC 3850.

And I have a piece, Nascent, in the 2015 Banyule Works on Paper Award. This work is also connected with the Nanocosm project.

Opening: Tuesday 13th October 2015, 6 pm.

Exhibition: 14th October to 12th December, Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 5pm.

Location: Hatch Contemporary Arts Space, 14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Work in Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award

I have a piece, The Limits to Growth, in the 2015 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

Opening: Friday 25th September 2015, 6.30pm.

Exhibition: 26th September to 15th November, open every day 10am - 5pm.

Location: Fremantle Arts Centre, 1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle, Western Australia.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Work in Flanagan Art Prize, Ballarat

I have a piece in the Flanagan Art Prize exhibition, St Patrick's College, Ballarat. The judge this year is well-known Melbourne artist Euan Heng. Information at

Opening: Friday 21st August 2015, 7pm. Entry by ticket, available via the web page above.

Exhibition: Open on 22, 23, 29, 30 August, 11am - 4pm. Free entry.

Location: Old Collegians' Pavilion, at the rear of St Patrick's College, 1431 Sturt Street Ballarat, VIC 3350

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Goodbye Dreamweaver

It had to happen.  I got a new Mac desktop computer (iMac) with a new operating system (OS X 10.10 Yosemite), and I couldn't install Adobe Creative Suite 5 on it.  I'm not sure what the problem is, there do seem to be some problems with CS5 and OS X 10.10, or maybe the CDs are no longer completely readable, or both.  Anyway I can't install it.

So now I have to deal with Adobe's subscription plan, Creative Cloud.  Of the programs in the current offering, I do use Lightroom quite a lot.  So I rather reluctantly signed up for the Lightroom + Photoshop bundle at $120 a year.  I do also use Photoshop, but only basic features, and I could replace it with something else, but the only way to get Lightroom is in the bundle with Photoshop.

The other Adobe program I use is Dreamweaver, their website editor and manager.  Again I only use the most basic features (I am trying to simplify my site, not complicate it), and a subscription is going to cost me $240 per year.  Goodbye Dreamweaver!  (And I'm not going down the Adobe Muse route.)

What I need to replace Dreamweaver is a plain text editor that is adapted for HTML and an FTP client.  I have been using the TextWrangler editor ( for some time.  I think it would do what I need, but it has a "big brother" BBEdit (about $60 AUD, one-off purchase) that has more features specifically for HTML; I will  probably buy BBEdit.

TextWrangler already has some FTP facilities, but I may go with the (free) FileZilla FTP client, which has the split-panel display I am used to from Dreamweaver.  The TextWrangler FTP facilities seem more adapted to downloading files from a remote site, but I am creating files locally and uploading them.

The only problem with FileZilla (as with many other free programs) is that of finding the right place to download it from., and now have become notorious for loading up installers with what is now termed crapware: search bars that take over your browser and other junk that nobody wants and that can be hard to get rid of.  With SourceForge the developers of the software may get a little money if someone downloads the extra junk, but the all-round damage to reputation is considerable.   Moral: download from the developer's website, which is what I did with FileZilla.

Friday, February 20, 2015

New work at Anita Traverso

I have new work in Anita Traverso Gallery, Richmond (Melbourne), for their first Salon season of 2015. This is from a new project called Nanocosm.  The exhibition runs until 25 April.

Anita Traverso Gallery
7 Albert St, Richmond, VIC 3121
Tel: (03) 9428 7557
Gallery hours: Wed-Sat 11-5.