Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Carsten Nicolai in Frankfurt

I'm in Europe again, two years after my last trip overseas.  This one is shorter and almost entirely inside Germany, with a quick detour into Austria.  It counts as fieldwork for my studies at Monash, though I am funding it myself (Monash does provide travel insurance).

At the start I had a day in Frankfurt.  I visited the Museum für Moderne Kunst (Museum for Modern Art - http://www.mmk-frankfurt.de/  or http://www.mmk-frankfurt.de/en/home/), which has works by quite a few big names, including Roy Lichtenstein, Joseph Beuys and Nam June Paik.  What particularly caught my eye was a large video projection by Carsten Nicolai called unidisplay.  For some reason the sound that goes with it has a separate name, uni(psycho)acoustic, though the sound and images are very closely related.

Carsten Nicolai (http://www.carstennicolai.de/) is a distinguished German artist, many of whose works are inspired by geometrical constructions, light and sound.

This is an instant of one of maybe 20 different sections in unidisplay.   The room was already big, but mirrors make it look even bigger.  Altogether an impressive thing to find on the first day of my trip, which is largely concerned with abstract art.

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